Monday, September 11, 2006

End of season

Last saturday I had what I think will be my last longer cycle tour for this year. Only 150km near where I live all in typical Dutch flat country. Beautiful, but flat. For anyone interested, this is the ride I did. Not very special, just fun to do a ride with a lot of other people (1200, 500 for 100km and 700 for 150km) in the places I use for training. And see if they have found roads I did not know yet. Unfortunately, I knew all of them.
I have done longer distances this year in a day. Just for showing off here is what I registered using my Polar cycling heartrate/ distance/ speed/ cadence monitor:

# Exercises 160,
Duration 309.33 hours,
Distance 6747.9 km,
Calories 238071.

Weekly averages:
# Exercises 3,
Duration 5.57 hours,
Distance 129.767 km,
Calories 4578.

The longest ride I did was one day in the 'hills' of Limburg, the 250km version. The hardest one, and the reason I started cycling again about 2 years ago is La Marmotte 170km of climbing four cols with a total of almost 5000m to climb. I'll save the events of that day for a separate post. For now I am just content that I still can ride some respectable distance on my bicycle and not be totally wasted afterwards.

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