Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Unique tiger

Last winter I had a small collission with a car. My bike fell over but had no real damage. The car needed a new fender. Since my no-claim rebate on insurance fee would suffer anyway I decided to claim my own damage as well. I had some scratches to the tank and the wind screen. But it seems repainting is too expensive over here. So the insurance guy decided to fund the money to replace the tank and screen. I was given the money directly. That gave me the possibility to do whatever I like with it. And did I?
I had it repainted in a color that is famous in the netherlands because of a cycling team that used to exist and was sponsored by Amstel beer. My bicycle is painted in the same colour.
Now I have two bikes in 'Amstel Red metallic'. I think it was worth the trouble of missing my bike for six weeks (there were 'some' delays in ordering and deliverance of transfers and a painter who did not know how to do a proper paint job).
And so I have a unique, one in the world, Tiger.

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